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The 2 o’clock

In by Wyatt on November 1, 2010 at 10:29 pm

“You’ll have your participants take a survey, I think”.
“What sort of survey?”
“Perhaps survey is the wrong word.”
“I see?”
“Pill. Pill was the word I was looking for.”
“I should have my participants take a pill? What kind?”
“A mild hallucinogenic laxative.”
“I apologise, Professor, but I’m not sure I follow…”
“Yes, it will work nicely. I hope. We’ll see.”
“I don’t think we will see! We’re not going to drug anyone!”
“I think we’ll drug someone. We already have.”
“We have? Your carpet is exquisite. Is it dancing slightly? My hands!”
“The bathroom is down the hall.”


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