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Q: What has a nuclear positron magnet, toothpaste, heroism, jellyfish, pants zippers, Botox, rain, crows, a dead saint, extra sprinkles, hip-hop, inquisitive grandchildren, basil, numerous invocations of the fourth dimension, coughing, physicists, a vague outline in a doorway, many types of fruit, Gilbert, people who eat cloud food, bedrooms, a late night grease fest, hearts, a California stop, etc. etc.?

A: All of 100, a quirky little book that collects the best from the first year of the project.

It’s an oldie but a goodie!

Price is $10 in person, $15 via paypal (including tax and shipping).

Email with questions and for in-person pickups!


  1. […] published a book of their best pieces sometime in their junior year at Stanford.  They have gone on to […]

  2. […] couple years ago today, some friends of mine began an initiative-turned-into-book called All of 100. The idea behind All of 100 is this: write 100 words per day. Not more, not less […]

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