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We encourage everyone to try writing 100 words — then try it again and again, since it’s all about the discipline.

Use it as a way of making sense of your surroundings, use it as a portal into your emotional self, use it as a soapbox, use it to create something utterly strange. Cook it or leave it raw. Send it in and up it will go.

To write, simply send your 100-word piece to with your name and a title.

Every piece must be:
1) Exactly 100 words (not including title).
2) A self-contained, finished work (so no links).

There are no other restrictions and no censorship. Your imagination is your only limit!

(Oh yeah, and the 100 word thing.)

  1. “I am so excited! George Clooney, Kevin, George Clooney is coming to Stanford. GEORGE CLOONEY. I am SO excited! You don’t even KNOW how excited I am, Kevin. I get to see GEORGE CLOONEY. Here. At Stanford. Tomorrow is going to be the best day of my life! GEORGE CLOONEY!”

    I sort of stared at her, my mouth trying to gesticulate that I could not possibly fathom the emotional heights this woman was soaring into.

    “You… You have a problem.”

    “Yes, and he’s beautiful. ”

    “It’s an obsession.”

    “Maybe. I don’t know. It’s GEORGE CLOONEY, Kevin. Can I borrow your camera?”

  2. […] Their rules are simple.  They want you to keep to exactly 100 words in your piece, not counting the title. […]

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