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Another oversimplification

In 100, by Montana on December 2, 2018 at 10:58 pm

Sometimes I dream of following the meter maid around with a roll of quarters.

Sorry, you cannot rain on 6ZHL881’s parade today. Clink-clink. Thirty more minutes, see? 6ZHL881 is simply saluting the last beams of sunlight on sand. In this light-catching moment of utter sublime, nothing else matters.

Nope, no ticket for 8HLI675 either. Clink-clink. Life is far too fleeting to leave precious time on the table. Let them order their third espresso, linger in dialogues of dreams, squeeze every last heart-quenching drop out of life that there’s no time to worry about silly details like the meter running out.

  1. AH!! Yes!!! God what a joy!

    We could print little cards with an email address ( that say “When the meter maid came by I put an extra hour on your parking spot for you— I’d love to hear how you spent it!” and see what stories come back 🙂


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