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In 100, by Wyatt on November 30, 2018 at 5:04 am

Dello’s mother was the wind. Her father was the water. She was born atop waves between two unknown lands. She walked her first steps along wood planks floating upon the ocean.

When she turned ten she went ashore and met normal children. She knew they were normal because they told her. This is also how she discovered she wasn’t.

One day she demanded that her parents fix her.

They said she was perfect.

She said they were wrong.

That night her parents wept, and their anguish whipped up a hurricane. She ran to warn the normal children. They didn’t listen.

  1. I was reading this one when the earthquake hit. Ran outside. Just reading the end now, eight hours later. Luckily we had no weeping or hurricane or tsunami.

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