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Comments On an Article About Justin’s Brother, Whose Car Was Stolen With His Grandma’s Quilt Inside

In 100, by Chris on November 27, 2018 at 7:33 pm

“PSA: Do not leave anything of value in Seattle.”

“@mayorjenny considers this a low level crime and therefore not important. Sorry young man. I would be heartbroken as well. Too many things stolen from my car to count.”

“Your grandma is very talented. That was a great gift.”

“Five finger discount from a feral Seattle pet. It’s your fault, son. You f’d up and went to Seattle.”

“Need to offer a reward. Some people may see and buy it but not return it. Some people would buy it and drive it to your Grandma’s house in Bellingham but not many.”

  1. Is Seattle doing ok these days??


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