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Reflections on a Train, Virginia Nov.18

In 100, by Gordon on November 25, 2018 at 7:11 pm

A train brings you across the country at a speed your senses can relate to. While the trees rush alongside and re-light the flighty imagination of youth, beyond lie the Blue Ridge Mountains, who rose jagged out of the earth some 400 million years ago, and whose gently wrinkling slope lines reveal the mountain’s age. Unlike the hypobaric transportation of airplanes through time and space, traveling by train reminds us that things are continuous. That between Virginia and Brooklyn there are many magnificent miles; that between us, the trees, and the mountains, there is a covenant of simply being.

  1. Yes! Well said. I love traveling by train because it makes me aware of the gradations between places.

  2. A covenant of simply being!!!

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