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Skating Potter Marsh

In 100, by Chris on November 23, 2018 at 10:26 pm

Noon sun low over Turnagain Arm and we’re wobble-sliding on our die-cast edges, knees bent, elbows out, sugar powder of past tracks scattered across this vast marsh, we follow figure snakes on hidden rinks over buried bubbles, deep cracks, matte gold clouds, mottled surface onto the mirror ice that winds between sheafs of cattails with shards of hoarfrost, offset parentheses, slowly we go over bent jeweled grass blades guessing if we’ll catch or slide, safari skating, testing ankle angles and feeling friction come and go, pond greens and frozen frogs below, sharp scrapes, turning by shifting our weight.

  1. You have captured the entire wonder of winter ice skating in 100 words and now I simultaneously want never to ice skate again an want desperately to ice skate with you immediately

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