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another exercise in oversimplifying our ecosystem and remarks on dreams, written across a dozing evening and the following morning

In 100, by Gordon on November 21, 2018 at 6:05 am

beginning. breathing. earth spinning. sing caroling. night descending. flame licking. wood smelling. egg nogging. calm stilling. cat sleeping. writer drifting. family coming. tree smelling. // man running. woman chasing. man hiding. woman seeking. man capitulating. embracing. // city coursing. sidewalks crowding. people finding. people closing. peopling. tomorrow coming. // sleep approaching. writer drifting. dreams hoping. tomorrow brightening. train riding. smiling. // unseeing. home burning. people hurting. time quickening. timing. my thing. // summer running. time passing. quiet hoping. harmonizing. calm working. // writer waking. man wondering. man savoring. solitarily enjoying. sensing, connecting. breathing. breathing. delaying. another-minute’ing. outwards reaching. cat stretching. not planning. just walking. i’m-here’ing.


  2. Harmo – nizing is my fave

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