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the things they left behind

In 100, by Nora on November 20, 2018 at 10:33 pm

they left behind trash in the form of discarded gift bags and receipts: $300 MXN for dark chocolate souvenirs for parents who don’t like mezcal. they left behind long hairs in the shower tiles, some half-white and half-brown, the stress of the year making itself known phenotypically. they left the memories of random numbers: the street addresses of classes, his house, the airbnb of friends. they left a half-drunk gatorade, better than water for post-karaoke indio-induced hangovers; plasticky-papered VIP concert bracelets; the shoes he likened to crocs because they were perforated. they left behind all these things and “they” were me.

  1. 1) love “the stress of the year making itself known phenotypically”
    2) if you know the right word in any culture, likely some germanic construction or minimalist japanese symbol, for that-nostalgia-of-the-hair-they-left-behind fkn DM me. i read an anthology curated by czeslaw minosz many years ago, and the name of the poem escapes me but the poet imagines about how the sunlight across many acres is carefully archived by the bees in amber honey cells—and this, when their hair is stuck to the shower tile.

  2. Don’t leave your crocs!!!

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