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shall i compare thee

In 100, by Nora on November 20, 2018 at 10:27 pm

and he — oh, he. is he my chrysler building? lethal curves ending in silvered, precipitous edges, spire in the rain-steam. but delicate, those edges make them vulnerable to prying winds; the softest breezes can lift flexible sheets of metal, so his bolts are set close together and firmly, battered in at dizzying heights by jews who crossed the sea fleeing the clash of feudal pogroms, who arrived only in time for a crash of another kind, whose names were changed, who never thought they would be so many feet above the ground, gripping a slippery, slick surface with their knees.

  1. This is the sexiest scariest anthropomorphism of architecture I’ve ever read. Pls write a romance novel.

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