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In 100, by Briene on November 20, 2018 at 9:07 pm

Breathe in:   the familiarity of home.

Breathe out: the fatigue of travel. 

Breathe in:    the freshness of the air. 

Breathe out: the fear of the chill. 

Breathe in:    the connections made today. 

Breathe out: the inadequate feelings. 

Breathe in:    the hearts that enliven mine. 

Breathe out: the souls with pain that inflict it. 

Breathe in:    the hope that I have impact. 

Breathe out: the despair that I can do nothing. 

Breathe in:    the satisfaction of accomplishment. 

Breathe out: the frenetic energy of the hustle. 

Breathe in:    the purpose for tomorrow

Breathe out: the mission of today. 

Breathe in. 

Breathe out. 

  1. cheers to inadequate home feels

  2. Breathe baby breathe

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