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In 100, by Wyatt on November 20, 2018 at 4:26 pm

Three thousand six hundred seconds counted

Nine hundred breaths exhaled

Eighty-six distinct thoughts born

Fifty-three to dos remembered and then forgotten

Thirty-two full bellies inhaled

Twenty-five clothing rustles emitted

Nineteen dog barks interjected

Fifteen memories of childhood replayed

Fourteen friends reminisced

Thirteen burps stifled

Twelve back postures straightened

Eleven distant planes overheeard

Ten indiscretions forgiven

Nine total minutes of worry about how much longer remained

Eight cumulative minutes of utter mental stillness enjoyed

Seven flashes of white from retinal misfiring observed

Six questions answered

Five answers questioned

Four futures predicted

Three revelations grokked

Two knees numbed

One bell struck


  1. utter mental stillness aw yiss my brother of the gong

  2. utter mental stillness aw yiss my brother of the way

  3. Gosh I wish it wasn’t so hectic imagining how to tabulate all these things. But it’s okay, the word ‘grokked’ loomed up to dissipate my unease. ‘Grokked’ brought me a measure of mental stillness.

  4. *~*at least*~* thirteen burps stifled

  5. This is way better than the twelve days of Christmas

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