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Beep boo–

In 100, by Montana on November 19, 2018 at 8:54 pm

Stumbling upon layers of reality, around and around we go beep boppin around. Where to next? She sticks a licked finger up. Yep, the wind is definitely still blowing. She licks her finger again. Oo tastes like cumin. Hm. La da di la da da just keep rollin under the stars. What a funny world this wondrous little planet is. Such lovely people. Must find place. Which rabbit hole will she go down next? Beep boop loopdy loo–


What are we doing this all for?

*her world comes to a screeching halt*

Oh no.

Where did the wind go?

  1. Oh yes oh no don’t peep under the rug there’s nothing there!! Raising a toast today to moments of sweet ignorance when I forget that the truth is too strange to bear

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