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In 100, by Wyatt on November 11, 2018 at 9:40 am

Cudi’s first memory was of wanting.

She wanted milk.

Then she wanted warmth.

Then she wanted to poop.

And then she wanted milk again.

She received all the things she wanted, and so she survived.

One day she wanted to move, so she crawled then walked then ran across the earth.

The next day she wanted to build so she combined sticks and clay and water into simple creations.

She wanted love, so she hugged her parents and was hugged back.

And so she survived.

Wanting had kept her alive. But when would she have, and would she be, enough?

  1. Yes. Hearing it told in story gives me much more compassion for that space inside of me.

  2. guh

    goo goo

    ga ga


  3. Kid Cudi’s on the pursuit of happiness 🙂

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