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The Colors in a Day

In 100, by Michael on November 11, 2018 at 2:09 pm

Egg yolk yellow

Strawberry jam red

Dark coffee brown

Add milk to brighten


Flat red adobe brick

Turquoise tiles

Hot black pavement


Blonde blonde blonde

Bright white teeth

Pink lips and nipples


Light green succulents

By the light grey sidewalks

That go several shades darker when it rains


Faded salmon shorts

Blue striped towels

Dull grey driftwood


Blue pink purple skies


Off-white sand

contains multitudes when you inspect each

grain by grain


Neon lights

White yellow red hot embers

Dancing headlights white and red


Until the lights turn out

and all the dancing colors

hide away

until tomorrow’s show.

  1. haha blonde blonde blonde

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