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In 100, by Lara on November 11, 2018 at 10:34 am

Omiage means souvenir and she knew she couldn’t return without one.

She had been living in Tokyo for three months, all the while ignoring the inevitable departure. But today was her last day.

She wandered around the mall, looking for objects that could encapsulate the experiences she had made over the last three months. Would a ceramic sake set communicate that well? What about a handmade hanten? Some cute stickers?

She sighed in frustration. You could get all of these things back in the states.  The only difference would be the story, and none of them quite had that.

  1. omg yas

    also love “experiences she had made” bc so tru so beauty

  2. Papa’s wisdom: objects are only containers for stories; but with enough effort you can fill up any container with any story. Buy the souvenir! Fill it up at home 🙂

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