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In 100, by Briene on November 10, 2018 at 11:37 pm

Perfection was the goal in all things. From pointed toes and pliés to inwards and half twists, from sow cows through spikes, drives, ground balls, grades, goals, looks, leadership, sociability, timing, articulation, friends, family…

Falling short was disastrous, my own worst critic by far. But the resounding message — “try harder” — was the only release valve. 

But finding that point of no return — where striving is at odds with surviving, and the push of aspiration becomes the pull of annihilation — meant finding a possibility my former self couldn’t bear. 

Where good enough presides over perfection. In rest. 

  1. Aw yes. You held up a mirror to my own desire for perfection and taugt me to strive for “good enough and chill” 🙂

  2. damnnnn capturing a feeling i’ve never truly understood bc sports ! also “sow cow” ugh so good

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