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In 100, by Michael on November 8, 2018 at 11:21 pm

Susan and Lauren walked out proudly with Jill, their pet chicken.



they explained to the packed auditorium,

“can play America The Beautiful.

by herself.

on the piano.”


The panel of judges was aghast!

The audience in disbelief!


Did Susan and Lauren feel a moment of doubt?

Not even the slightest.

“Jill’s a consummate professional,”

they assured the judges and audience.

Not a tinge of nervousness

nor shade of doubt

to be heard.


And boy did Jill deliver.

Note by note.

From sea to shining sea.


The audience raised to its feet

with thunderous applause.


Jill the true American patriot.

  1. Go Jill! Jill’s no chicken!

  2. I felt more doubt than susan and lauren just reading this! What wonderful tensionbuilding. And such explosive joyous relief for sweet Jill!!

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