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You feel, you hear, it ripples

In 100, by Montana on November 7, 2018 at 1:18 pm

It whisks you away to new lands.
It guides you through a new frame of mind.
A story from a new perspective.

You feel it before you can intellectualize it.
You hear the truth in its vibrations.
They ripple up your spine and over your skin.

You feel the frequencies as they were intended.
You hear the resonant truth of their maker.
You see the sinusoids they painted in empty air.

Falling into its depths as you shut your eyes,
You close your eyes to open your heart.
Only then do you give into the pull of its floating spaces.

  1. Glad for the final two words. Not sure about the “resonant truth of the maker” part, as I feel the writer simply sets the table for the reader’s experience, and the reader does just as much if not more to make meaning…which the end of this poem articulates exactly.

    • Oo I was trying to write about listening to music! Like that the artist creates harmonies that are true to what they’re feeling at the time. I mince my words too much haha

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