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Showed Up

In 100, by Briene on November 6, 2018 at 10:41 pm

The bells over a rustic frame jingle.

“I Manhattan, please. Dry. Up. One cherry. Unless it’s maraschino. Then hold.”

No man from this town knew how to be that high brow.

She turned toward the trench coat, beret and scarf, before locking on the eyes — the left split blue and green.

“You’re here?”

“I am.”

“It’s early for the holidays.”

“Did you hear about the man who got hit by the same bike every morning?”

Beat. “No? Where?”

“It was a vicious cycle.”

“Ha, I know a thing or two about vicious cycles.”

“That,” slight pause, “is why I’m here.”

  1. ding ding !!

  2. where can i read the rest of the novel pls

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