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Real life House of Cards

In 100, by Amy on November 6, 2018 at 9:41 pm

I have a TV addiction. There I said it! Someone for God’s sake, take my Netflix password away from me! I’d rather write, or go for a run, or read, or sit in silence.

Instead I’ve been watching House of Cards, and living in double dystopian worlds. Does Trump watch House of Cards? Is this where he gets his ideas and policies? Because if I were Trump, I’d take my gaslighting, strongman, treasonous, sociopathic and war-mongering cues from the Underwoods. Most definitely. My god! This is probably where he learned about the Constitution.

By the way, did everyone vote today?

  1. Only let yourself watch HOC while on the treadmill. Kills two birds with one stone :)) And agreed, every season makes my blood boil, but I can’t stop watching ugh

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