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Tully and the troll

In 100, by Amy on November 4, 2018 at 11:10 pm

The troll’s lazy eye rolled backwards and twitched like a pleasure reflex. His beard was a junkyard of twigs, dead leaves and highlighter yellow fungus. When he scratched it, flakes of slime mold choked the air.

Tully Blue pulled the arrow taunt at her vile target.

“I’ll have your head for what you’ve done,” she muttered. “Their bones will rest — above this filthy place.”

He stared blankly. Then quietly, like a brook emerging from stone, he begin to chortle, wet laughter gurgling, growing, until glee jerked violently through his stump of a body and maniacal laughter flushed the cave.  

  1. Uuuugh grossssss love it

  2. OMG Amy this is delightful. Keep going, I want to read more!!

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