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Skin smells 1

In 100, by Nora on November 3, 2018 at 9:53 am

Da smelled of ropy leather but mostly the soft, worn Banana Republic button downs and his grey (before-they-were-cool) New Balance, strewn (as I was) across his khaki’d knee on the floral couch in the front room of their little dinky house in Berkeley. A gold tooth would glint as he told me another story of his childhood in the Deep South, his breath just vaguely carrying the no-nonsense medical mint of those orange toothpicks he absent-mindedly chewed on. He always smelled so clean and be-cetaphiled, sober thirty-five years, weaving his tale of swaying Spanish moss, murder, and biblical delta floods.

  1. Love this portrait. Makes me think photos are blind.

  2. Can I have skin smells 2 the autobiography pls

  3. I want to know him.

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