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Generous Assumptions

In 100, by Briene on November 2, 2018 at 8:55 pm

Teeth clench as the suburban cuts into the stream of traffic.

Sighs heave as she fumbles for the coupon deep in her purse.

The instructions are simple, but he asks for them to be repeated a third time.


If they only knew.


His wife hemorrhaged and he was still 20 minutes away.

Her daughter relapsed, and her grandkids weren’t being fed.

His grandson went missing two days ago, and so did his father’s gun.


We could approach each other with the compassion to bear the weight of one another’s worst tragedy.

Because days go by, but we are forever changed.

  1. I love this. Each car holds a person who holds a story. And that story holds the reason they’re in front of you in traffic. Thank you for the reminder.

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