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Alert for Anything

In by Chris on November 2, 2018 at 2:25 pm

Grit and ice collect on cars
behind the wheels, in the wells,
packed like boxes, blocks and plugs
dense as chunks of sidewalk—

These streets, streaked with light,
cold-pressed to a sheen of ice—
strewn with parasites,
these gray-ice boxes,
these blocks, plugs
that rattle off our cars and scatter,
water streaked and shattered—
they keep you alert for anything.

Anything except a box,
a real slant-sided cardboard box
ripped at the corners and full of—
as I plow past—teddy bears!

Teddies, scattered! Plush
silvery toys between lanes,
still pristine, still stiff, ready
to be crushed by a hug.

  1. did this happen!?!?

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