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In by Bunc on October 30, 2013 at 11:18 am

If only daytime things made the same plasmic sense that they do at this hour, when a grown man can stare down the legion blinks of an ill-meaning Hydra outside his balcony window, defying her in nonchalant credulity to stick around for elderberry pancakes in the morning.

Here the dulcet growl of reason belies an intriguing nocturnal conceit: if hallucinating a mythical beast only requires poor unassisted vision, San Bruno’s streetlamps across the valley and a threefold parallax intervening (observer’s fridgebound trajectory, barometric ripplings of a veil curtain, a particularly restless eucalypt outside), then maybe reality doesn’t suck after all.

  1. ‘Plasmic reality’. So perfect. And it supersedes that sunset hour where everything is in HD (maybe this is only a phenomenon in dry atmospheres), where things are almost too real and too sharply defined to believe. Maybe the ocean-fog twisting influence plays a big role too, I know how SF streetlights on misty nights are the favored haunts of half-imagined things.

  2. Absolutely! Throw in some lingering Halloween decorations, perfect conditions for a 5150.

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