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In Uncategorized on July 20, 2013 at 6:24 pm

My husband died, she said, and the next day I danced the Tango.

She looked at me with flat, frank eyes.

Tango is rigid yet passionate, she explained. Your mind switches off and your body switches on. Dancers leave their baggage at the door and express the inexpressible through movement.

Two years of cancer. Two years of watching helplessly.  Two years contemplating death and aloneness. 

I was in another room when he died. I felt his soul kiss me on its way up.

Words are clean. But feelings are messy, life is messy, and death is messy.

So I dance.


  1. Beautifully expressed. I felt both fluidity and structure. The expression of a soul kissing one as they pass is the exquisite consent to dance – and continue living.
    When my father died from a heart attack after being revived from an earlier one, I was several hundred kilometres away waiting on my lounge for the call. Suddenly I felt my heart lighten, with a sense of peace following, and knew he was gone. The time was confirmed when my mother and sister rang to tell me shortly after.

  2. I’m so moved by your comment, and so thankful that my writing connected with someone — and I’m amazed that you felt the same thing! I’m sorry for your loss.

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