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Lotta Yard Work Today

In by Chris on November 17, 2012 at 2:36 pm

Coincidentally, soon after a fully armored SWAT team broke into his neighbor’s house, Carl Simmons came out of his house to pick lint from his broom.

“Got some sweeping to do,” he said to an unresponsive police officer. Moments later, two handcuffed men were led out of his neighbor’s house.

At last, those bastards, he thought to himself. “Yard work,” he said out loud. “Sure wasn’t expecting this. If I’m in your way over here, just let me know.”

The police knew better than to lead him on. They knew they’d get an earful about these neighbors.

So Carl swept.

  1. The cops and Carl both considered the malignant neighbor’s house to be bad.

    The cops likely don’t even know the neighbors, they are just following rules. Carl’s response is personal and palpable. They don’t really like each other. Are they on the same side? This is the stuff of life.

    Yo Chris let me write the back of a book you write one day!!

  2. Sounds more like a NY Times book review…

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