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A Marvelous Way To Be Human

In by Wyatt on September 24, 2012 at 12:33 pm

And subtly tangled amongst this swarming, vicious, viscous sea of monstrous absurdity and violent sensuality was the very weirdest sight of them all: that the one most main-stream, pure, prudent emotion splurted from every act. Each tit-whipping, butt-wiping, smutt-liking, dick-pricking, mickey-humping, leash-dragging, clit-piercing, rub-taunting, hot-screaming interaction melted pain and sex together in the alchemist’s brutal cauldron; and there is dark magic and there is light magic and the difference is the spoon used to stir; and at folsom street that spoon was made of acceptance and truth and affection and love.

  1. This is GREAT. My favorite is the “spoon used to stir” bit. Also — did you accidentally or intentionally misspell folsom?

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