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The next time

In by Lara on July 13, 2012 at 9:50 am

The next time I’m walking down the street, I’m going to follow that guy I find totally cute for a couple blocks and yell not-so-harmless compliments at him, like:
“Hey cutie, where you going?”
“Nice jeans, they hug your ass just right!”
“Whoever is your girlfriend is a lucky, lucky woman.”

The next time I’m at a bar or a club, I’m gonna corner a cute guy and flirt really aggressively. I’ll make sure he knows he doesn’t really have a choice in the matter and inappropriately touch him.

The next time, I’ll equal the playing field. That’s fair, right?

  1. Most men would really enjoy that…

  2. C’mon Chris. Really?

  3. Not trying to justify cat-calling or intense flirting, just saying that a lot of guys like to be called out, to be confrontational and physical – it’s what they were raised on (which is probably why they tend to thoughtlessly act that way towards women).

    Many men have adapted to the need of many women for sensitive, touchy-feely ways of interacting in the last however-many-years, becoming less brash and rough. In my experience, not many women have gone the other way and gratified the way many men like to interact in a confrontational, aggressive way.

    Again, just saying. I don’t want my woman acting like a bro, but I do kinda like it when she punches me on the arm. And I agree with what I assume to be your point – that most all girls don’t like annoying/aggressive dudes and don’t deserve to be subjected to that.

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