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Bolts of Illumination

In by Chris on July 4, 2012 at 11:59 pm

The day’s heavy humidity culminated at dusk in a lightning storm bigger than any the residents of Vermillion could remember.

Pinpoint fists of lightning pounded out of surging clouds, searing certain elements of the town – the shingles on Mark Boldquist’s car repair shop, the Elks flagpole, Alda Jackson’s prized cottonwood, the Haggards’ metal chimney, an abandoned cement mixer, several silos, a Custard Burger sign, Doctor Greer’s smokehouse, and Jim Parson’s backyard coop of breeder pigeons.

Miraculously, no fires broke out. The citizens waited behind their half-shuttered windows like imprisoned, bewitched royalty for the weather to spend itself and pass on.

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