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The Yellow Raincoat

In by Lara on March 7, 2012 at 8:19 pm

The way she wore that yellow raincoat, you’d think it was going to rain acid and we’d all disintegrate except for her. When she was twelve-years-old, her mother bought her that yellow raincoat. She hadn’t grown since then.
“Do you want some tea? Or a blanket?”
“No,” she paused before adding, “thank you.”
Without the coat, she looked small and bony, like a newborn bird.
“I’m sorry about your coat. I hope it’ll be alright.”
She glanced at her yellow pelt, now covered in dirty rain and street grease.
“My name is Yona.” She smiled.
“Nice to meet you, Yona.”

  1. Wow what a great piece. I’m trying to unpack what I like about it, and I think it’s the way the grittiness of it works its way into your joints as you read along towards the end. And then the last two lines give it that simple humanity. I have a very strong image of what Yona looks like.

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