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One Thousand Ninety-Fifth Day

In by Chris on February 6, 2012 at 11:25 pm

I can’t recall all the islands we’ve explored,
all the trampled archipelagos
and fog-shrouded shores.
I can’t tell which makes my heart beat more –
the sudden, giddy shout of “Land!”
or the moment when we must cast off again.
The joy of topography ever followed
by a sad, swelling turn
back into the fresh-scented unknown.
How many leagues back to home?
Are we even on a globe?
Anglerfish in cavernous depths below,
clouds like gray ghosts,
and names carved in whalebone;
we are the chosen,
the lost voyagers,
interlopers in god-forsaken waters.
I feel fearfully powerful
when the ship groans.

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