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Lemon Meringue (Glass) Pie

In by Chris on August 13, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Steve pulled his lemon meringue pie from the oven. Holy smokes, what a pie! What luscious yellows, what crispy crust! He set it reverently on the stovetop.

Shattering explosion! Flinging, tinkling shards of glass everywhere! The light above the stove had combusted. Shards of glass buried themselves in a warm, soft sea of meringue.

Distraught, Steve hesitantly ate a finger-scoop of his pie. It was too good. A magnificent pie that would shred the innards of the eater.

Later that night, he resolved that his pie should not die. Bite after careful bite, he swallowed the lemon, glass be damned.


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