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Value in Knowledge

In by Michael on August 9, 2011 at 12:08 pm

“Knowledge has value not for its truth, but for its use.”

That was always his attitude, she thought of her father as she rubbed her eyes then dove back into her pile of Latin texts.

There was something calming about learning the dead and unchanging language and culture that had contributed so much to modern thought. There seemed to be a purity to the great Roman thinkers, a pursuit of knowledge for its truth. Truth is absolute, and it is the foundation of rational thought.

She wondered if her dad considered these things. He seemed too smart not to have.

  1. Great concept for this piece. Steinbeck, and I think a lot of other writers, really believed in the sanctity of fiction that was “true”. I’m really enjoying your last few, they not only ring true but sound smooth too.

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