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Intelligence Test: What’s the Difference Between Nostalgia and Sentimentality?

In by Chris on June 26, 2011 at 1:36 pm

Nostalgia has a bit more bitterness than sentimentality. Sentimentality relishes the pure recollection of good times, whereas nostalgia is tainted by a belief that everything would be better if the person could just go back to those good times.

Nostalgia is the act of recollection; sentimentality is the character trait of one who often engages in nostalgia.

Nostalgia is an unavoidable outside force; sentimentality is a choice.

[Oh no, I’m not that smart…]

They are the same; they just have etymological roots in different languages.

Sentimentality is nostalgia applied to the present.

Alas, back in college I knew the difference!


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