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What’s In My Writing So Far (Statistics Thanks To Wordle)

In by Chris on May 20, 2011 at 10:26 pm

More chickens than eggs, and only one chick.
More joy than pain.
Barely more dark than light.
Everything for a Greek salad except the feta cheese.
Four trolls.
More magic than science.
One triumph and four losses.
More beer than wine, and more wine than liquor.
Two sayings.
Three routes, fifteen paths, twenty-two roads, and one hundred sixteen ways.
More day than night.
More desperation than confidence.
Ten parties.
More gravity than parachutes.
More mothers than fathers.
More gold than silver or bronze.
A solar system without Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, or Pluto.
More work than play.
Kerosene and ketchup.

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