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In by Michael on March 7, 2011 at 5:27 am

Hi, welcome to Smoothie Hut. How can I help you?

I’ll have a boom boom berry blast.

Can I add a supplement to that for you?

What kinds to you have?

Well, we have ones for if you’re feeling weak, or tired, or sick.


Or angry, or melancholy, or overly-enthusiastic.

Um okay let me see.

Or angsty or anxious or fucking furious.

Wow really?

Or genocidal or suicidal or nihilistic.

Gosh, so many choices. I’m feeling all of those things.

Wow really? Even genocidal?

Yeah man, it’s been a weird day.

Well that’s okay. This shit doesn’t work anyway.

  1. Haha yes this is so good!

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