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In by Lucía on March 2, 2011 at 1:23 am

To have others believe in you, and to know that others believe in you: this is a gift.

To be afforded space for honesty, for wholeness, and for self-full-ness: this is love.

To hold hands, high-five, lock eyes: this is well.

To rendez-vous with a pillow, to flop into bed: this is rest.

To sit in the sun, to give you a hug: this is life.


To hear the words: it could be worse; to think, simply: “It” could be bad – This Is.


Because even the things that are bad are just non-good.

And that – well,

That is good, too.

  1. Ah I love this! Fantastic.

  2. Hello, Lucia. I just read this and it’s pretty good!

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