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For V: The Catalyst by Mary-Ann Ortiz-Luis

In by New Author on February 28, 2011 at 9:51 pm

“I don’t understand why you can’t. Or won’t.” She whimpered, acutely aware she sounded desperate.

He shrugged.  “I don’t believe in it.  You know that.” He continued looking intently at his laptop.

“But we’ve been together for 11 years now.  Why can’t we?”  She persisted.

Silence.  Outside, the distant drone of evening traffic hummed along.  The air seemed thick around them.  She felt trapped.  It was becoming hard to breathe.  She continued to stare at his immobile face.

Finally, he turned and gazed at her steadily.  “Look, if I ever wanted to, it wouldn’t be with you.”

“But I’m pregnant.”


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