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Awakening by Mary-Ann Ortiz-Luis

In by New Author on February 13, 2011 at 5:10 pm

Consciousness gradually fades in as he slowly becomes aware of his surroundings, one sense at a time. The smooth sheets, the warm embrace of his body’s heat sequestered by the blankets. In the distance, a bird flies by. His eyes sense the daylight through closed lids. They slowly flutter open. He stirs, ever so slowly. Then the body stretches and unfolds, a muscle at a time. He looks around the room and takes a long deep breath. He rolls on his side and his eyes rest on her as she quietly sleeps. Her even breathing. How peaceful she looks. He knew instantly that the day would be all right.

  1. […] after that, I imagined a scene where someone was waking up in the morning and entitled this piece […]

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