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Men’s Restroom versus Women’s Restroom

In by Sadie on February 13, 2011 at 6:07 pm

Constraint: only verbs- mostly (because men do things)

To shit, the verb

Swing open and wide-stride inside, or shuffle, or sprint, but never skip. Pushed comes to shoved. Inside. Zip, piss, zip. Look up. Double. Look down. Manhandle. Switch on, swish-swish, switch off. Look up. Shut up, shuffle, or stride, never skip.

Constraint: only nouns- mostly (because women are things)

A shit, the noun

Threshold of the door. Bathroom tiles, a chore. Water, on floor. Stall, deadbolt door. Toilet bowl. Zipper. Piss. Zipper. Mirror. Two of you. Sink. Soap dispenser. Fingernails. Mirror. You again. Silence. Threshold again. Bathroom tiles again.

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