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My Keyboard is Sexist?!

In by Sadie on February 9, 2011 at 7:24 pm

Women are not techie, they say. Women are fuzzy, they type.

Computer Science, all about subtlety. iThis and iThat. I don’t work that way, I come first. I’d not fIt In. I’d stIck out.

Math started sucking around coordinate system time. Why do all the points in space gotta be (x,y)? Where my (x,x) at?

Why does the self-doubting question mark have to be all voluptuous when the ejaculatory exclamation point looks like an erect d00d?!

Looking down at my keyboard: i am next to u, and look! we share a shooting star * See how distracting this shit is?

  1. hahahahaaa!! BEAUUUUTIFUL!

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