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The Idea by Mary-Ann Ortiz-Luis

In by New Author on February 5, 2011 at 3:22 pm

The apartment remained unchanged since I last visited her. Magazines and books were haphazardly stacked on coffee tables. On one corner were reading glasses, pens, some change, and old receipts. The paintings, model ships, sea shells. Still untouched.
“Have you considered clearing these rooms? Might be good to have your own home theater here, you know.” And your own things.
She looked at me tentatively. “Yes, I’ve been thinking of doing it. Lately, I’ve taken an interest in Indie films.”
“Great! Get your kids to help.”
She nodded slowly. But I knew, the idea would remain just that. An idea.

  1. I was reading my morning poetry. My favourite in weeks is your poem “The Idea”. I look at the author & I see it’s YOU! Lara Ortis! I was like I know her!!! Thanks for the lovely morning,
    love from Strasbourg/Barcelona

  2. […] February 5, 2011, I visited her in her apartment and entitled the piece “The […]

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