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Green Beans

In by Fannie on January 19, 2011 at 11:45 pm

Mallory waddled into the kitchen.  Clutching her cow, she yelled: “Maaaaamaaaaaaa, where my green beans.”  Obligingly, a small dish of green beans were placed in front of her.  One by one she picked up the beans with chubby fingers and fed them to Moo.  “Maaaaaaamaaaaaaa, I’m full.”  Mallory waited, humming quietly, and then turned around when Mama didn’t respond.  “Maaaaaamaaaaa-”  Moo fell to the ground next to the green beans.  Those chubby fingers slowly inched up her mother’s slouched form.  “Mama?” Pause.  “Mama?  Do you need some beans?”  When her mother awoke, green beans rested on the white hospital sheets.

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