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Overlord Barnstormer, Enemy of I Will Survive

In by Chris on December 28, 2010 at 11:43 am

It was billed as the greatest ten nights of disco ever to visit the solar system. But when armadas of stegosaurs in blimps attacked the party at the bidding of Overlord Barnstormer, chaos reigned. Thousands of disco balls shattered into millions of pieces, and the orange light of explosions reflected off the trillions of spinning mirrors.

UltraTron Man quietly slipped out of his bellbottoms and into his three-piece suit with the designer grenade launcher built into the left sleeve. He quietly wrested a blimp from the enemy’s control and began to restore order with fusillades of carefully timed disco grenades.

  1. Hahahaha this is so heroic and ridiculous. Love the disco aspect.

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