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Christmas Dessert Rules by David Rurik and Emily Russell

In by New Author on December 28, 2010 at 1:32 pm

1- Rule concerning the proper size of your slice of pie-
-the overall volume of pie should not outweigh the volume of icecream.
2- Rule concerning mixing pie and other “add-ons”-
-the pairings MUST be approved by resident dessert experts (e.g. grandparents, Eric…)
3- Rule concerning dessert placement and organization on your plate-
-icecream must overlap (rather – completely cover) any and all pie, cookies are limited to the outskirts of the plate.
4- Rule concerning proper appreciating of the dessert-
-Dessert must be completely consumed or still in the consumer’s mouth when complimenting the texture, taste, and/or the chef.

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