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After the Swerving by Sadie Zapata

In by New Author on December 20, 2010 at 5:16 pm

Front bumper bent and banged up on this side. Looks like a snarl from left profile, smirk from the right. License JK30E8, to kill. Har-har, almost convincingly. The wood they knock on is an official clipboard. Tongues loll along the parameter like caution tape. Yup, molten headrest, tie-dye dashboard. Another day, another two ways they can look at blood. Meanwhile, there’s a white tiger yawning somewhere, imploding a marsupial with his paw. Somewhere else, some kid in Benton, Illinois pauses at a traffic light and gets a nose bleed. It is sticky and, he thinks, saltier than split pea soup.


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