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The pack mules came in one color – I forget which – but the packs, the packs came in thirty-five. by Sadie Zapata

In by New Author on December 18, 2010 at 8:40 pm

Some men died, others didn’t survive, waiting in line for the next man to make up his mind. Didn’t matter what they stuffed in their packs or whether they were heading anywhere.

Fathers stammered the story: Don’t you understand? There’re 35 different dreams of man, go get in line- find the best one you can!

Which one?! 2.9% chance at the best one!

Yellow, the man on his back, next in line, whispered into a lizard tail- or was it the antenna of a snail? This is the one I always wanted, as the pack zipped shut around his body.


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